Commercial Real Estate Blockchain Integration

Security Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Our platform comes equipped with innovative security integrations to help keep information, transactions, and communications secure. Our blockchain-backed platform empowers commercial real estate investment partnerships with easy-to-use functionality and industry-leading security.

Secure Record Keeping

Store, transfer, and receive sensitive commercial real estate investment records on a secure platform. From asset information and tax documents to communication and crucial documents, we safeguard your data so that you can focus on partnerships.

Smart Contract Enforcement

Our commercial real estate blockchain integration allows for ERC20 smart contract enforcement for lightning-fast transactions. Throughout our limited partnership ecosystem, we can tokenize commercial real estate assets for optimal investment opportunities.

Automated Distribution Capabilities

Automated verification and approval of investor bank accounts before issuing distributions for streamlined commercial real estate investments opportunities. Calculate distribution amounts, secure transfers, and automate notifications to investors.

Investor Management at Your Fingertips

Manage your commercial real estate investments, partnerships, and documentation on one secure platform integrated with blockchain technology. Vet limited partners, track investment progress, automate tax documentation, and communicate with other members of the limited partnership by joining EXtrance.
  • Vet limited partnership members
  • Secure communication channels
  • Automated tax generation
  • Data-rich investment tracking
  • Blockchain integration

Get Started With EXtrance

1. Explore, Discover, and Partner on the EXtrance Platform

Join the commercial real estate blockchain community for maximum security and optimal management tools for your investments. We make it easy to create partnerships, customize communication, and track progress within one secure platform.

2. Secure Full-Service Investor Management

Our full-service investor management solutions provide unmatched control over your commercial real estate investment partnerships. Whether you’re looking to track investments, manage records, handle taxes, or drive home transactions — EXtrance offers blockchain integration for all of your investment management needs.

3. Blockchain Optimization For Commercial Real Estate Investments

Blockchain adoption is the future of the commercial real estate marketplace. We’re here to help limited partners realize the true potential of blockchain real estate investments with robust management tools, extensive pools of potential partnerships, and simplified asset tracking backed by blockchain technology.