The First all-in-one bespoke investment platform

EXtrance is a holistic solution designed to modernize how investments are managed. Powered by secure, next-generation technologies, this platform exposes actionable, data-based insights, streamlines workflows, automates processes, and facilitates transactions at the asset and portfolio level.

Simplify Complexity

EXtrance’s advanced data-to-dashboard process delivers crystal-clear analytics infused with AI and machine learning to automate reporting and provide actionable insights into investments at every level. Our platform drives efficiencies across departments and vendors by integrating cash movements for optimized data flow.

Maximize Security

Harness the power of tomorrow’s technology to safeguard investment information. Innovative blockchain integrations keep your data, transactions, and communications secure throughout the EXtrance platform.

Optimize Transparency

Align your organization using the right metrics to drive performance, gain better action outcomes, and manage risk by boosting transparency with EXtrance. When everyone is in the know, your ability to manage risk and manufacture returns is optimized.

Liberate Liquidity

EXtrance’s first-of-its-kind QMS (Qualified Matching Service) employs blockchain technology to allow commercial real estate investors to trade investment positions in limited partnerships via a robust, exclusive ecosystem of accredited investors.

Why Extrance?

It’s time to move this industry forward and solve the persistent challenges of illiquidity, costly management, and lack of transparency and security. 

Join Us

EXtrance has an industry-leading onboarding process that requires a fraction of the time as our competitors. You’ll work with a dedicated account executive and onboarding specialist throughout the process to ensure getting started is easy as possible. Contact us today to learn more.