Unlocking the Potential of Commercial Real Estate Investments

We unlock the potential of limited partners through a simple and secure platform that brings transparency and connectivity to an otherwise arena of uncertainty. A great investor is an informed investor — which is why we make discovering partnerships and staying up to date with investments easy. We simplify investor management through an all-in-one platform that handles distributions, communication, contracts, enforcement, record keeping, tax filing, accounting, and more.


Limited partners (LP)s outperform Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and also have unique tax advantages. While lack of liquidity plagues many real estate investment ventures, EXtrance opens doors into the current market to take advantage of potential partnerships for your assets.

Private Equity

We provide transparency for your private equity investments, allowing you to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Our online ecosystem prevents uncertainty and misinformation — giving you the power to see all available and accessible opportunities for your assets at any given time.

Simplifying Investor

We make investor management a breeze, cutting down on complications, miscommunication, and wasted time. You’ll have access to everything from distributions and contract enforcement to record keeping, accounting, tax filing, and more — in one secure platform.

Our Solutions


Solicitation System

This private online ecosystem gives for limited partners widens the net of possible buyers by opening doors to private solicitations of investment opportunities. Our solicitation system lowers potential investment discounts and speeds up the process, from exit interest to the sale.


Online Personal Profile

Your online personal profile puts you in the driver’s seat of your investments. The EXtrance online portal allows you to view your current investments, past performance overviews, investment updates, and user-friendly AI-based analytic investment tools.

Full-Service Investor Management

EXtrance brings a whole new approach to investment management by utilizing blockchain, AI, and ERC20 contract enforcement. We developed a comprehensive system that offers investors a variety of useful full-service management features:
  • Automated Distributions and Tax Generation
  • Infallible Record Keeping
  • Strong Legal Contract Enforcement
  • Personalized Communication Tools
  • Benefit Maximization Tools 

Your Investor Profile

Access to the pool of limited partners and general partners has never been easier. Your investor profile gives insight into your limited partnership and displays crucial information such as:

  • Your investment (shares with dollar amount)*
  • Assets / Assets performance
  • Any direct communications from GP (quarterly investor updates)
  • Distribution history and total amount paid out (distributions will be automated for those investors who opt for the service)
  • Investment analytics
  • Form 1065s
  • All investment documentation and records
  • When viewing investments, you have the option to trade or sell

Your information remains secure within the blockchain-based CRE ecosystem, allowing you to make crucial decisions, showcase sensitive investment information, and communicate with limited partners for success.


The owner of EXtrance William Lively

William LivelyCEO & Founder

William Lively, the owner of EXtrance, identified the need for a product that tailors to smaller institutions and limited partnerships that are underrepresented in the advanced real estate total management marketplace. As a partner at DCI Capital Advisors, Lively assisted with fundraising efforts and identified emerging markets. Soon after, he co-founded SyndEX Lab, a financial services technology firm focusing on institutional and global commercial real estate. There, he accomplished impressive results: 

  • SyndEX Labs went from a “start-up” to a $25M company in three years with Lively as CEO and chairman
  • It was the blockchain-based CRE investor ecosystem developed to provide large family offices with divestment services
  • Strategic partnerships with IBM and Americas Group were established
  • Effective SEC-compliant protocols developed under the legal counsel and select broker-dealers
  • Millions of dollars raised in equity financing along with over $1.1B secured asset commitments

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