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A holistic, tech-enabled solution designed to modernize investment management.

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Your Investor Profile

Access to the pool of limited partners and general partners has never been easier. Your investor profile gives insight into your limited partnership and displays crucial information such as:

Your information remains secure within the blockchain-based CRE ecosystem, allowing you to make crucial decisions, showcase sensitive investment information, and communicate with limited partners for success.

Our Story

William Lively founded EXtrance in 2020 after experiencing the many shortfalls and obstacles of limited partnerships. Lively saw a need for a product that was tailored to institutions and LPs managing commercial real estate and multidimensional funds. He realized that this under-represented group could benefit from advanced blockchain technology.

Lively began his career at an investment firm, DCI Capital Advisors, one of the first blockchain investment firms in the United States. In late 2017, he left that firm to co-found a financial services technology firm, SyndEX Labs, which focused on institutional, global commercial real estate. He grew that company from a garage “startup” into a 25 mm company as its CEO and chairman for three years. It was there that he oversaw the building of the first blockchain-based CRE investor ecosystem that provided divestment services for large family offices and built a strategic partnership with IBM and Americas Group.

After achieving incredible success at SyndEX, he resigned from day-to-day management of the company and shifted his focus to EXtrance. There, he partnered with industry leaders in big data, machine learning and AI, commercial real estate, fund administration, and entrepreneurial management specialists to expand EXtrance’s operations.