Our Platform

The flexibility you need without compromising the power

While the EXtrance platform provides the most benefit when it’s used as one complete ecosystem, it can also be customized to fit your specific needs. Select the module(s) you need to build your own powerhouse platform.

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EXtrance Investor Portal™

Investor Portal
With a stunningly simple user interface and control of what your investors need to see, investors are empowered to engage with you like never before. Learn more.

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EXtrance Exchain™

Data Storage and Security
Ultra-secure private blockchain networks powered by the HyperLedger Fabric are provided for each user, creating infallible distributed data storage and the highest possible security for data. Avoid the liability of relying on third-party centralized data storage. Learn more.

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EXtrance Vision™

Full-Service AI and Machine Learning Data Analysis and Fund Optimization
Get more out of your data through hands-off lightspeed data ingestion and automated portfolio roll-ups, offering drill-downs into unique KPIs for each fund, investment, and asset. Learn more.

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EXtrance Neural™

Anomaly Detection and Predictive Analytics
Utilize advanced neural networks and machine learning to automatically detect and alert users of data points for potential strategic operational opportunities as well as anomalies or errors in accounting data. Learn more.

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EXtrance Treasury™

Treasury and Banking Operations
Streamline your treasury and banking operations with workflows such as capital calls, distributions, co-invests, and additional fundraising efforts, all integrated on the platform with your banks and capital partners. Automate with enhanced security through smart contracts. Learn more.

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EXtrance Admin™

Fund Governance
Manage your internal operations by providing specific team members unique logins with different roles and access. Allow fund managers to appropriately assign workflows and transparency of data. From your IR team to your analysts, empower them to operate at exponential efficiency. Learn more.

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EXtrance Marketplace™

Liquidity and Fund Growth Solutions
This is the only platform where limited partners can trade positions in a fund or investment amongst themselves or with the larger pre-vetted EXtrance Ecosystem. The Marketplace can also reduce pressure from withdrawal requests for the fund and offer retail investors a more attractive solution. By growing your fund through a first-of-its- kind “Growth Opportunity Call,” your existing investors and other pre-vetted investors can fund new developments and acquisitions via the marketplace. This can be done on a deal-by-deal basis or a fund-by-fund basis.