Investment Management

On a comprehensive, next-generation platform

Streamline workflows, automate processes, and harness data-based insights that empower decisions for investment, portfolio oversight, and asset management. Get secure access to documents, data and analytics, key performance indicators, and vital reporting information. Create new operational efficiencies and amplify best practices to lower administrative costs and investor expenses. All on a single-access, permission-based platform. 

Data & Analytics

From Data to Dashboard. Our advanced data-to-dashboard process delivers crystal-clear analytics infused with Al and machine learning to provide actionable insights into investments at every level. Upload financial documents and limited partnership agreements to get real-time KPIs, analytics, and automatically-generated reports. A simple process, backed by sophisticated technology.

Give investors the confidence and peace of mind they deserve. Maximize  transparency across all users with accurate, up-to-date information. With the power of sound decision-making backed by real-time data, deliver consistent, risk-adjusted returns.

Front + Back + Middle Office

Optimize data flow. Put your organization in the driver’s seat with seamless, permission-based access to documents, data & analytics, reports, workflows, and investor information. It’s a highly customizable approach that allows for organizational control.

Our system drives efficiencies across departments by integrating cash movements with accounting, operations, treasury, finance, tax, audit, investor reporting, and fund administration.

  • Meet department or vendor needs by automatically harvesting the required data.
  • Automate waterfall distributions and capital calls using investor data.
  • Improve tax estimations, preparation, and reporting (including K-1s).
  • Create audit data files from a single source.
  • Reduce legal reviews of partnership, JV, and operating agreements.


Streamline deal-making. EXtrance empowers acquisition teams with Al-enabled investment analytics and accurate metrics for improved decision-making. Evaluate the merits of potential deals, bring decision-makers together, facilitate secondary transactions, and onboard new investments with ease.

The EXtrance investor ecosystem enables the structuring of co-investments and large deals on-platform and across multiple departments, managers, and transactions.

Reduce dead deal costs. Compare investment analytics against internal and external data sets to continuously evaluate the merits of each potential deal. EXtrance’s Acquisition Module gives investment teams a better way to evaluate opportunities on-platform, spending less time and resources conducting due diligence.

Vendor Management

Enhance vendor relations and reduce costs with improved data accessibility and vendor process integrations. Provide third parties with controllable keys to secure analytics, reports, and data rooms built around their processes. And reduce vendor reliance where it doesn’t serve your operation.

Third-party valuations, simplified. Inspire confidence and accountability by empowering investors with third-party valuations that are done securely, privately, and cost- effectively online, and with the right data at your fingertips.

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