Liberate Liquidity

On a Secure Marketplace For Commercial Real Estate Investors

EXtrance is a first-of-its-kind QMS (Qualified Matching Service) employing blockchain technology to allow commercial real estate investors to trade investment positions in limited partnerships, securely and online.

Far beyond basic investor portals, and not a crowdfunding platform; the EXtrance Marketplace is a robust, exclusive ecosystem of accredited investors, supporting a multitude of liquidity scenarios. 

  • Facilitate divestiture of limited partnership interests.
  • Manage onboarding of new capital to meet funding shortfalls.
  • Complete secure transactions using blockchain-enabled smart contracts.
  • Structure and effectuate co-investments.

Trade Investment Positions Online

With Buy & Sell Capabilities

Leverage EXtrance’s proprietary process for securitizing shares to allow for convenient trading of investment positions on a secure, blockchain-integrated system. We facilitate onboarding of new capital supported by access to vendor tools and robust analytics, and backed by advanced technology. 

Smart contract protocols enable complex transactions automatically, while keeping the process simple and approachable for users.

Solutions For Traditionally Illiquid Investments

EXtrance’s holistic approach addresses limited partnership investment’s most challenging truth: liquidity.

Facilitating the trading of traditionally illiquid LP positions when desired or required. The EXtrance Marketplace allows LPs to collaborate with managers and their protocols to achieve best outcomes via an institutional approach to information, process, and transaction.

Fund Expansion Capabilities

Overcome funding challenges and support onboarding new capital with unmatched access to investment documentation. Collaborate with co-investors to unlock larger acquisition opportunities with transparency on structure across the organization in real time.

Reduce legal liability and risk through infallible record-keeping, immutable activity logs, and queried transactions to protect your investments.

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We make joining EXtrance simple with a quick three-step process. To get started, follow the link and begin modernizing your commercial real estate investment experience today.