Why Extrance?


William Lively is an investor, an innovator, and a technologist at heart. In the past, he was offered opportunities in various limited partnerships. Through those experiences, William identified pervasive problems and archaic systems that really burdened the investment space and his appetite to invest. 

One of the lesser discussed aspects of Limited Partnership investing is what occurs when “you need to get out” of the investment or cannot fund capital calls. LP agreements will have dilution clauses, yet typically do not have buy/sell provisions. Monetizing a position can be cumbersome given regulatory issues and the small pool of replacement investors from which to solicit. The liquidating LP may very well not attain its fair market value because of these factors. William saw the potential for a technology-based solution within this particular space. By taking his success running a start-up, understanding of blockchain, and expertise to create a system architecture, he sought to bring it all together in a single source solution.

EXtrance is an effort to make investing in commercial real estate more manageable and attractive for the largest or smallest of managers and investors. Streamlining processes and making things more efficient with innovative technologies (blockchain, AI, smart contracts, etc.) is what motivates William and the team, and we found the perfect opportunity to apply our motivations in building the foundations for EXtrance.

The Greater Vision

The Vision for EXtrance is to be the premier investor management service, unlocking the potential for alternative investments to offer more for investors.

EXtrance is an amplifier of best-practice for fund managers, general partners, and managing partners who have been delivering consistent high-quality, risk-adjusted returns for years through relationships, expertise, and often sheer force of effort.

The pain points EXtrance solves are not exclusive to the investors in commercial real estate and will provide relief to venture capital and private equity firms that share similar structures as CRE limited partnerships.

In the future, the EXtrance platform and investor ecosystem’s holistic approach to solving investors’ problems has applications outside of real estate and will allow us to expand and serve more investors in carrying out our vision of solving these problems for all investors facing illiquidity, costly management, and a lack of transparency and security.