Full-Service Investor Management Software

A Secure Platform for General Partners

EXtrance offers a secure investor management software with blockchain technology integration to protect records, legal documents, contracts, communication, and more. We empower investors to stay organized and streamlined without worrying about security. 

Simplified Investment Management Services

Our investment management software gives General Partners a convenient and simple platform to handle crucial documentation, communication, and more through a wide range of easy-to-use tools. We’re bringing a new take on investor management, utilizing blockchain, AI, and ERC20 contract enforcement for maximum security.

The Future of Investor Management

Limited partnerships are a lucrative industry, but we noticed a lack of secure solutions for managing assets and investments. Through EXtrance’s investment management services, you’re able to gain access to infallible record keeping, automated distributions, strong legal contract enforcement, unique and personalized communication, comprehensive automated tax generation, and much more.

Infallible Record Keeping

Through secure blockchain technology, you’ll have secure record-keeping capabilities that eliminate errors from the equation. We’ll help you safeguard personal and real estate documentation in one simplified location.

Automated Distributions

You’ll be able to stay up to date on your cash flow distributions through automated systems that calculate your returns flawlessly, including your expenses so that you can see what your asset is generating in seconds.

Strong Legal Contract Enforcement

Contracts are the lifeblood of real estate investments. We offer an easy and convenient way to draft, complete, and secure your legally binding contracts for simplified transactions and deals.

Personalized Communication Tools

Stay up to date with partnership property management through personalized communication tools that allow for seamless interactions with potential and current partners. From exit interest to sale, you’ll be in the know through EXtrance.

Automated Tax Generation

We make tax documentation easy and secure through our full-service investor management platform. Whether it’s schedule K-1s or other pertinent tax information, we ensure that you have accurate and relevant documents in one easy-to-access location come tax time.

Investment Tracking

Keep tabs on all of your investments and partnerships so that you can see potential opportunities for growth, extend relationships for additional assets, track profit progress — and so much more. A successful investor is an informed investor, and EXtrance keeps you in the know.

Build Your Profile Today

Take part in exclusive partnership property management with an expanded pool of limited partnerships through our full service investor management software. After signing up, you’ll be able to view your limited partnerships, vital insights on your investments, and key information such as:

  • Your investment (shares with dollar amount)*
  • Assets / Assets performance
  • Investment analytics
  • All communication with LP (quarterly investor updates)
  • Distribution history and total amount paid out (distributions will be automated for those investors who opt for the service)
  • Form 1065s
  • All investment documentation and records
  • Trade or sell options

A Secure Management Platform

Our investor management software takes advantage of innovative blockchain technology that keeps your information, communication, and documentation secure. Blockchain’s impenetrable system makes it nearly impossible for an unwanted third party to hack, cheat, or modify your profile or its components.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain ensures a permanent and singular record of all your real estate transactions while also providing EXtrance members access to the pertinent asset transactional information. This keeps investments transparent, and members informed while also providing unparalleled security.

Immutable Records

Transactions in the EXtrance system cannot be tampered with, changed, or deleted — allowing for unmatched transparency. This allows general partners to peruse potential partnerships accurately and safely, as the information stays secure behind the blockchain system.

Smarter Contracts

Blockchain’s ERC-20 smart contract is the technical standard and offers legally binding contract enforcement for all of our members. This helps speed up transactions and help define contract conditions for both parties, simplifying the process while also safeguarding information.