Maximize Security

With blockchain integration

Modernized Data Accessibility

Get improved access to investment data across the EXtrance platform to empower partnership agreements, reduce legal and financial risk, and drastically lower electronic storage expenses. 

Tech-Enabled Confidence

Give your organization and investors confidence and peace of mind with the power and security of blockchain technology, Al, and machine learning.

Secure Processes

Harness the power of tomorrow’s tech to safeguard investment information. Blockchain-based smart contracts allow for secure, online transactions as well as automated distributions and capital calls.

Infallible Record Keeping

Innovative blockchain technology integrates seamlessly to create, retain, and provide appropriate access to data across the entire enterprise.

Ultra-secure, Removing Vulnerabilities

Store, transfer, and receive sensitive commercial real estate investment records on a secure platform. From asset information and tax documents to communications and vital reports, we safeguard your data so that you can focus on your core objectives. We put investor management at your fingertips with a secure ledger book, smart contract enforcement, tax filing solutions, and accounting storage on one secure platform.

Role Management

Permission-based Access For Unrivaled Investment Control.

EXtrance’s role management tool gives you complete control and optionality to set permission-based access to documents, data & analytics, reports, workflows, and investor information. Controls are available at an individual, organizational, manager, investor, and even vendor level to create secure transparency across your fund.

It’s about secure access to the right data, by the right stakeholders, for the right purpose.

Contract Adherence

Mitigate legal and financial risk with tech-enabled capabilities to maintain governance of all aspects of partnership agreements. Automate approvals and circulate notices to ensure compliance with debt, guarantor, or regulator covenants.

Reduce electronic storage expenses while improving security with cryptographic data storage on a private blockchain, providing optimal security for sensitive information.