What Makes Us Different

Optimizing Investor Management + Boosting Liquidity

We provide investors with the tools and management support to work smarter and expand their pool of potential partnerships to achieve their goals.

We change the trajectory of your investment management process, streamlining efficiencies through full-service tools and personal account managers who work closely with your team. These account managers remove the weight of hands-on data entry or software competencies for simple and more lucrative returns.

Liberating Liquidity

It’s no secret that limited partnerships outperform some of their respective counterparts, including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). With unique tax advantages and limited risks, they’re an attractive option for real estate investors looking to expand and diversify their portfolios. 

However, the issue comes in the lack of liquidity, which deters many investors from dipping their toes or developing in the limited partner space. Our expansive online ecosystem creates opportunity, offering a wider range of liquidity solutions for your investors, reinvigorating partnerships for success. 

Full-Service Management Tools You Can Rely On

While many “full-service” software systems can be a bumpy road for investor management, we offer a smoother, better route. Gone are the days of manual entries, limited analysis tools, lacking liquidity solutions, and the inability to handle transactions and distributions.

EXtrance paves a new path, complete with money management systems and full-service transactional capabilities built-in, including:

  • Distributions
  • Fundraising capabilities
  • Bank integration
  • And more

EXtrance sets the bar through infallible and audit-proof record-keeping and AI investment analysis tools to improve transparency and provide a clearer window into your investments. We pair these capabilities with contract enforcement backed by secure blockchain integration for a true full-service management platform to give limited partnerships a landscape to thrive.

What Truly Sets Us Apart

We provide investors with management systems, AI-integrated tools, and secure platforms into one consolidated platform. We have years of dedicated expertise within the investment and real estate fields, including but not limited to:

  • Real-estate total management technology
  • Emerging markets business development
  • Robust Commercial Real Estate CRM
  • Financial service technology
  • Institutional and global commercial real estate
  • Blockchain integration

Explore how we can streamline your investment management process and unlock liquidity for your limited partnerships today.

Where We Started

Owner and founder of EXtrance, William Lively, got his start as a partner at DCI Capital Advisors — where he helped with fundraising and business development for emerging markets. Soon after, Lively founded SyndEX Labs, a financial services technology firm for commercial real estate. There, he grew the startup to a $25 M company in just three short years. While blockchain integration is a household name for many investors today, Lively was at the helm of the very first blockchain-based CRE investor ecosystem that would later spur the idea for EXtrance. 

Today, we’re in the business of empowering limited partnerships with easier access to full-service investor management. We offer liquidity solutions you can rely upon through our expansive investor ecosystem, providing you with a wider pool of partners. Through EXtrance, you’ll not only benefit from faster processes but also a secure and transparent platform where you can manage your investments from exit interest to sale.