Investment Opportunities

Gain Access to a Wide Pool of Limited Partners

We empower investment opportunities for financing commercial real estate properties through a cutting-edge platform for Limited Partnerships. Widen the scope of potential limited partners through an ecosystem.

Vet Potential Partners

We give you the power to vet a wide pool of potential partners in our immersive ecosystem. View their investment history, see their activity on the platform, and discover their LinkedIn in one convenient location. Discover credible partnerships for your commercial real estate investments.

Investment Tracking

EXtrance simplifies investment tracking within our secure digital ecosystem. View powerful performance metrics, explore asset and distribution histories, and store crucial documentation on your blockchain-protected profile.

Faster Returns

One of the most challenging components of Limited Partnerships is liquidity. We expedite partnerships, acquisitions, exchanges, and sales on one secure platform to make financing commercial real estate properties simple.

Blockchain Integration

Create opportunities out of commercial real estate properties for sale in an blockchain-integrated ecosystem designed for Limited Partnerships. From exit interest to sale, you’ll have peace of mind that your financing, transactions, and information are secure.
  • Unmatched security
  • Automated distribution capabilities
  • Error-proof record keeping
  • ERC20 smart contract enforcement

Get Started With EXtrance

As Limited Partnerships grow and expand, EXtrance continues to streamline the process of financing commercial real estate properties. Our platform enables general partners by providing a wider pool of potential partnerships from vetted members to ensure optimal investments. We built this platform from the ground up with the help of commercial real estate investors, blockchain masterminds, and seasoned general partners to ensure a seamless user experience that facilitates opportunity.
  • Acquire, close, or exchange through the EXtrance platform for simplified liquidity on our commercial real estate investment CRM. We provide a “one-stop-shop” for limited and general partners to view, acquire, close, and exchange real estate investment opportunities.
  • User-friendly investor reporting software for streamlined partnerships to maximize transparency and simplify investing. We leveraged experienced real estate professionals, investors, and blockchain leaders to create a seamless investor relations platform for our customers with access to real-time and actionable data.
  • Rapid information delivery and purchase opportunity to optimize partnerships and expedite liquidity. Realize the value of real-time commercial real estate information for fast purchases, partnerships, and investments. Take advantage of a true CRM for real estate investors, built to solve LPs most significant challenges.