Documentation & Records

A Reliable Platform For Records & Documents

Secure documents, store records, and verify ownership within one secure blockchain technology platform. Through EXtrance, you’ll also have the power to create, authenticate, and even audit smart ERC20 contract enforcement.

A Secure Ledger Book

Our blockchain integrated platform allows for secure record keeping.

Smart Contract Enforcement

Take full advantage of smart contracts through ERC20 tokenization of commercial real estate assets. Create smart properties that limited partners can invest in, all on one secure platform.

Tax Filing & Accounting

Our full-service investor management platform allows for secure tax documentation and accounting filing. From scheduling K-1s or other tax information to storing crucial accounting documents, our platform provides one easy-to-access location.

Blockchain Integration

Secure crucial documents and records with blockchain integration to safeguard information, streamline processes and minimize risks. We help empower limited partnerships through state-of-the-art blockchain integration.

  • Unmatched security

  • Automated distribution capabilities

  • Error-proof record keeping

  • ERC20 smart contract enforcement

Get Started With EXtrance

Trade, sell, or swap on through the EXtrance platform

Take advantage of the EXtrance platform to secure crucial documents and records for instant access. Gain access to flexible liquidity and generate smart contracts all in one location. Give limited partners “right of first refusal” or privately solicit deals to other members of the LP ecosystem.

Accessible investor reporting software for lightning-fast partnerships

Notify limited partnerships regarding offers and widen your investment pool at breakneck speed. We simplify buying opportunities with comprehensive reporting that contains real estate investment data, amount, and requestable additional information.

Fast information delivery and purchase opportunity to optimize partnerships

Discover our smart contract enforcement and blockchain-integrated payment-dependent transactional processing. Store and access crucial documentation and records for agile partnerships on one secure platform.