Vetted Limited Partners

You Deserve the Cream of the Crop

Vet your limited partners to create valuable commercial real estate investment partnerships for maximum returns. Our platform arms general partners with up-to-date analytics, investment histories, asset records, and more to empower private investors for commercial real estate.

Explore an Exclusive Investor Ecosystem

Access fellow private real estate investors’ credentials, investment history, and more, giving you the flexibility and power to choose beneficial partnerships. Smart contract enforcement and blockchain integration ensure secure partnerships on one platform.

Widen the Pool

Locate more limited partnership opportunities than ever before by expanding your pool of potential real estate investment partnerships. Streamline early exits from your LPs through a wider pool of buyout partners.

Personalize Your Partnerships

Stay in the loop regarding your real estate investment partnerships with personalized communication tools access robust reporting with high-value commercial real estate investment data, amount, and requestable additional information.

Blockchain Integration

EXtrance offers private real estate investors a secure platform to vet limited partners and create profitable opportunities for commercial real estate investments. We safeguard sensitive documents, records, and communication while modernizing partnerships through ERC20 smart contract enforcement. Take advantage of cutting-edge blockchain integration for your commercial real estate investment partnerships.
  • Unmatched security
  • Automated distribution capabilities
  • Infallible record keeping
  • ERC20 smart contract enforcement

Get Started With EXtrance

1. Explore, Discover, and Partner on the EXtrance Platform

Our portal empowers commercial real estate partnerships with a data-rich environment to vet a wide pool of potential partners. We make finding the information you need simple with an easy-to-use platform to discover serious investment opportunities for optimal success.

2. Full-Service Investor Management at Your Fingertips

Take advantage of full-service investor management solutions for unrivaled control over your real estate investment partnerships. From tracking investments and smart contract enforcement to automated tax generation, personalized communication capabilities, and beyond, we give private investors for commercial real estate superior management solutions.

3. Blockchain Optimization For Commercial Real Estate Investments

Our blockchain-integrated platform safeguards information while facilitating partnerships at breakneck speeds. From profile creation and exit interest to partnership communication and eventual sale, we keep your transactions and data safe within the blockchain. EXtrance equips private investors for commercial real estate with a secure ecosystem for success.