Success Stories

Uncovered Unrealized $72mm in Real Estate Transaction

A large repeat client engaged in the acquisition of 26 multi-family and hospitality assets within a fund-of-funds investment sought the expertise of EXtrance. Upon gaining access to the target fund’s due diligence data, EXtrance’s system meticulously analyzed market and property data. This analysis identified four undervalued assets due to misreporting, uncovering $72 million in unrealized value. The discovery of these assets not only significantly enhanced the investment’s value but also enabled the client to leverage the assets for a larger and more favorable bank credit line.

Revitalizing $1.5b Hospitality Fund Amid Covid Crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a $1.5 billion fund faced potential collapse. By implementing EXtrance’s solutions, the fund streamlined operations, reduced costs, and gained valuable insights into their hotel investments. These improvements allowed the fund to quantitatively realize the benefits of their investments into targeted marketing, which significantly boosted revenue and investor confidence. As a result, the fund achieved an impressive 92% Limited Partner retention rate in their next fund launch.


$200MM Liquidity Solution

EXtrance Marketplace efficiently addressed the urgent liquidity needs of a prominent insurance LP, confronted with a $200MM position within a non-redeemable fund. Through discreet online facilitation, the platform seamlessly connected the LP with a willing buyer, a pension fund, ensuring privacy and speed in the transaction. The outcome proved advantageous for both parties: the insurance company secured liquidity at a fair price, enjoying approximately a 5% discount, while the pension fund acquired a desirable position. Crucially, the fund’s balance sheet remained unscathed throughout the process, showcasing the efficacy and mutually beneficial nature of EXtrance Marketplace.

Saved $50MM on Staffing Costs

A distinguished repeat client, managing a substantial $250MM fund, sought our expertise as their primary service provider upon launching an even larger fund. Our streamlined workflows and advanced data analysis tools liberated their existing staff, enabling them to concentrate on more strategic endeavors. This optimization not only slashed operational costs but also boosted overall efficiency. Leveraging automation and sophisticated data analytics, we significantly curtailed staffing requirements, resulting in the remarkable preservation of 36 full-time equivalents (FTEs) over a decade-long Closed-End Fund (CEF) lifecycle, based on their prevailing staffing models – resulting in a $50MM cost savings to the fund. This collaborative approach underscores our commitment to delivering value and propelling client success.

Simulating Success: Fortune 50 Company

When a Fortune 50 Company sought to unlock value from a vacant corporate campus, they turned to EXtrance for innovative solutions. Leveraging our proprietary sandbox tool and neural network capabilities, we meticulously modeled the potential impact of various acquisition strategies on their funds. Through rigorous simulations, we determined that demolition followed by land sale emerged as the most lucrative option. Remarkably, our strategy facilitated a swift break-even point within six months, culminating in the successful sale of the land to a developer. This transformative journey exemplifies our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive tangible and profitable outcomes for our esteemed clients.

Improved Fundraising Success

EXtrance’s commitment to stronger fundraising is evident through our partnerships, where funds raised outshine competitors. Our partnered funds secure an impressive 33% more than the top 5 competitors and a staggering 60% more than those without an investor portal. Empowering LPs is at the core of our mission, exemplified by EXPortal, which revolutionizes investor engagement. With a focus on providing a seamless experience, EXPortal offers a clear liquidity path, sophisticated engagement tools, and secure, user-friendly access to information. Recognized for its award-winning UI/UX, EXPortal sets a new standard in investor relations, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction and success for LPs.

Providing $100mm in Value

EXtrance’s tailored approach to optimizing Capital Expenditure (CapEx) for strategic decision-making significantly enhanced the performance of a $100 million Class B multi-family fund. By integrating the client’s historical data with EXtrance Managed Services, we generated actionable insights that propelled value appreciation, increased Net Operating Income (NOI), and bolstered cash flow. Our comprehensive analysis identified the optimal CapEx allocation for the client’s Class B multi-family properties, considering key variables such as location, property type and size, valuations, tenant retention, and lease rates. This strategic collaboration not only maximized property value and NOI but also improved the overall portfolio performance, showcasing the transformative impact of our data-driven solutions on real estate investment success.


Unlocking Hidden Value in Retail

EXtrance Premier’s cutting-edge data analytics unveiled invaluable insights into consumer behavior through mobile devices. By meticulously tracking metrics such as foot traffic, visits, dwell times, and return rates, we provided our clients with actionable intelligence that revolutionized their business strategies. Leveraging these insights, our clients optimized store placement, fine-tuned marketing campaigns, and made informed acquisition decisions. The result? Enhanced customer engagement and a significant competitive edge in today’s dynamic market landscape. With EXtrance Premier, businesses gain the clarity and foresight needed to thrive in the digital age.

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