Solicitation System

A Private Ecosystem for Limited Partnership Investors

We offer a way to connect General Partners with a wider pool of Limited Partners through a secure and robust solicitation system. EXtrance widens the net of possible buyers and increases investment opportunities.

Our Solicitation System

We host a private online ecosystem that empowers General Partners and expands their potential for private solicitation of investments. Our system is a one-stop-shop for limited partnership investors who may be struggling to find a few backers willing to put up significant amounts of capital. Instead, we create opportunities with a larger pool of partnerships — and if someone chooses to opt-out, finding a replacement investor is made simple through the EXtrance Solicitation System. 

Why EXtrance

We understand the dynamic and expansive potential of real estate investments, especially with limited partnerships. LPs regularly outperform Real Estate Investment Trust’s (REITs), yet we noticed insufficient resources to connect and stay updated within the community. EXtrance offers simplicity and transparency within one platform, creating an environment where you can establish partnerships and track investments in a secure digital ecosystem.

Vetted Limited Partners

We understand that time is money, and finding the right limited partnerships can be an arduous process. We vet our limited partners before they enter our system, ensuring that you’re dealing with serious investors looking to succeed with the right general partner. 

Faster Returns

Our solicitation system is geared for speed and lowers potential investment discounts, accelerating the process from exit interest to the eventual sale. We’ll help you maximize profitability with a seamless system designed for general partner success.

Blockchain Integration

Your information and investment data will remain safeguarded through innovative blockchain and AI technology, along with ERC20 contract enforcement. Our online ecosystem is a secure portal that allows for seamless record-keeping, contract enforcement, communication, automated distributions, and tax generation.

Build Your Profile Today

Create your investor profile and gain access to an extensive pool of limited partnerships for your investments. Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be able to view your limited partnerships, key insights, and crucial information like:

  • Your investment (shares with dollar amount)*

  • Assets / Assets performance

  • Any direct communications from GP (quarterly investor updates)

  • Distribution history and total amount paid out (distributions will be automated for those investors who opt for the service)

  • Investment analytics

  • Form 1065s

  • All investment documentation and records

  • When viewing investments, you have the option to trade or sell