Performance Monitoring & Analytics

Your Hub For Commercial Real Estate Data Analytics

Gain access to investor reporting software to explore your commercial real estate data in real-time. We empower general partnerships through robust performance metrics that inform, direct, and enable future investments.

Asset History

See the complete history of your real estate asset, including vital appreciation and depreciation data, development over the years, master data and more. Leverage asset history to inform future partnerships and investments down the line.

Automated Distribution

Take advantage of automated distributions so that you can focus on new partnerships. Discover the entire distribution history of your commercial real estate asset to inform partnerships and make sale decisions.

Documentation and Records

Take charge of your commercial real estate investment data with up-to-date documentation and records of all your transactions, distributions, and partnerships. Have peace of mind as our blockchain technology safeguards and streamlines the partnership process.

Blockchain Integration

Unlock pivotal real estate investment data analytics with blockchain integration to minimize risk, improve transparency, and streamline your processes. Make partnerships with confidence and at breakneck speed through:

  • Unmatched security

  • Automated distribution capabilities

  • Error-proof record keeping

  • ERC20 smart contract enforcement

Get Started With EXtrance

Buy, sell, or 1031 exchange on the EXtrance platform

Take charge of your commercial real estate data analytics and make partnership moves right from the EXtrance platform. Limited partners have a “right of first refusal” for one week and if there is a unanimous decline, the purchase is privately solicited to other members of the exclusive ecosystem of accredited investors.

Seamless access to nuanced information through our investor reporting software

General partners and their investors gain access and notifications regarding their partnerships. We make managing investments and finding opportunities simple with a general report containing real estate investment data, amount, and the option to request further information.

Fast information delivery and purchase opportunity to optimize partnerships

We offer smart contract enforcement technology and cutting-edge payment-dependent transactional processing through blockchain integration. Unleash the power of commercial real estate data analytics to make smarter partnerships on one secure platform.