We simplify limited partnership investments by creating a convenient and secure hub to access crucial information, performance analytics, communication, and documentation.

We open doors for limited partnerships to reach their full potential. Our online ecosystem is a secure and transparent platform that connects limited and general partners for success. Through EXtrance, you’ll have unrivaled access to potential partnerships, investment opportunities, analytics, communication tools, crucial documentation, and more.

EXtrance keeps you informed on all of your limited partnership investments, along with a wide range of additional tools to help reach your goals. These include:

The Hub

  • Your investment (shares and dollar amount)*
  • Assets performance
  • Investment analytics
  • Any direct communications from GP (quarterly investor updates)
  • Distribution history and total amount paid out (distributions will be automated for investors who opt for the service)
  • Form 1065s
  • All investment documentation and records

Get Started
With EXtrance

Through the EXtrance platform, investors can access a wide range of potential partnerships. Through our solicitation system, general partners can access a wider pool of limited partners through our secure online ecosystem. We empower limited partners by offering personalized online profiles that put them in the driver’s seat of their investments and connect with general partners for success. EXtrance also offers a wide range of investor management tools to help boost investment strategies, consolidate processes, and maximize the potential for returns.

How It Works


When viewing your investment amount, you can choose to trade, sell, or loan on.

If you decide to sell, we notify other members of the limited partnership. For one week, limited partners have a “right of first refusal,” and if they all decline the purchase at the asking price, it is then privately solicited to other members of the LP ecosystem.


Investment opportunities can be easily accessed by other members of the LP ecosystem.

They will receive notifications regarding potential buying opportunities. Here, you can view the general report regarding the investment, the amount, and the option to request more information.


Once General Partners approve the limited partnership, information regarding the investment is delivered, and a purchase opportunity is available.

Our smart contract enforcement technology and state of the art payment dependent transactional processing is utilized through secure blockchain integration.