Investment Risks Disclosure

As an investment platform, EXtrance still involves certain risks that investors should be aware of before using the platform. Below are some examples of investment risks that are specifically associated with using the EXtrance platform:

  1. Investment risk: Investing through the EXtrance platform involves the risk of losing some or all of the investment. The performance of any investment can be affected by market conditions, economic conditions, and other factors beyond the control of EXtrance.

  2. Operational risk: The EXtrance platform relies on technology and software to facilitate investments. There is a risk of technology failure or other operational issues that could disrupt the platform and prevent investors from accessing their accounts or completing transactions.

  3. Regulatory risk: The investment industry is subject to various laws and regulations, and non-compliance with these laws and regulations could result in fines, legal proceedings, and reputational damage. There is a risk that changes in laws and regulations could negatively impact the operations of EXtrance and the investments made through the platform.

  4. Liquidity risk: The ability to sell investments made through the EXtrance platform may be limited or restricted, and there may not be a liquid secondary market for these investments.

  5. Information risk: The information provided on the EXtrance platform may be incomplete or inaccurate, and there is a risk that investors may rely on this information to make investment decisions that may result in losses.

Investors should carefully consider these and other risks before using the EXtrance platform to make investments. It is recommended that potential investors consult with their financial advisors and perform their own due diligence to evaluate the risks and potential rewards of using the platform.