CRM & Communication Capabilities

Streamlined Investor Relations Platform Engagement

Discover, manage, and communicate via our investor relations platform to maximize commercial real estate opportunity and unlock liquidity. Our CRM for real estate investors empowers both general and limited partners looking to form actionable investment relationships on one easy-to-use platform. Discover the EXtrance difference today.

Enhanced Security

Our commercial real estate CRM utilizes blockchain technology to safeguard sensitive information and transactions. Through our investor relations platform, you’re able to manage investments, communicate with potential partners, and unlock liquidity. EXtrance allows you to invest with confidence through our easy-to-use real estate investor CRM.

Improved Transparency

Our CRM for real estate investors helps enable communication and boost transparency by creating accessible routes to crucial investment information, performance analytics, and documentation. We help general and limited partners invest with confidence on a secure platform built for partnerships.

Simplified Transactions

View investment amounts, trade, sell, or loan on with ease. Our commercial real estate CRM notifies other members of the limited partnership. For one week, they’ll have the “right of first refusal,” and if they all choose to decline, it is privately solicited to other members of the LP ecosystem.

Blockchain Integration

Enhance communication with your limited partners with blockchain integration to collect and organize contact information, deliver clear messages, and strengthen relationships. Build lifelong, transparent partnerships through:
  • Unmatched security
  • Automated distribution capabilities
  • Error-proof record keeping
  • ERC20 smart contract enforcement

Get Started With EXtrance

Our holistic CRM for real estate investors provides a real-time platform for identifying purchase opportunity, managing data, tracking valuable interactions, and facilitating profitable partnerships. Easy to use, simple to understand, and incredibly secure — our investor relations platform solves the problem of illiquidity in the commercial landscape. Take charge of your investments today and broaden the scope of potential partnerships with the help of EXtrance.

  • Acquire, close, or exchange through the EXtrance platform for simplified liquidity on our commercial real estate investment CRM. We provide a “one-stop-shop” for limited and general partners to view, acquire, close, and exchange real estate investment opportunities. 
  • User-friendly investor reporting software for streamlined partnerships to maximize transparency and simplify investing. We leveraged experienced real estate professionals, investors, and blockchain leaders to create a seamless investor relations platform for our customers with access to real-time and actionable data.
  • Rapid information delivery and purchase opportunity to optimize partnerships and expedite liquidity. Realize the value of real-time commercial real estate information for fast purchases, partnerships, and investments. Take advantage of a true CRM for real estate investors, built to solve LPs most significant challenges.