About EXtrance

An Exclusive Ecosystem for Limited Partnerships

At its foundations, EXtrance empowers limited partnerships through a user-friendly and secure online ecosystem with AI capabilities, blockchain integration, and so much more. We aim to redefine the marketplace by creating a transparent landscape in which real estate investors can take control of their assets through a wider pool of potential limited partnerships.

Reinventing the Wheel

It’s no secret that limited partners (LPs) outperform Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), but it comes at a cost. Limited transparency, lack of liquidity, and difficulty in discovering reliable pools of partners have held back LPs’ true potential. 

We aim to create a user-friendly solution to age-old problems through our online ecosystem.

Limited Partnership Focus

EXtrance is currently focused on advancing the potential for limited partnerships through a secure online platform. By helping general partners discover a wider pool of limited partnerships, we are creating a symbiotic ecosystem in which both parties can thrive and unearth fruitful investment opportunities.

Simplified Investor Management

Our roots in the institutional and global commercial real estate marketplace shaped our platform, with user-friendly tools and systems in place to create the best experience possible. We understand the importance of AI-integrated analytics, data, and transparency so that you can craft a successful investment strategy.

Unparalleled Security

Our blockchain background enabled us to create a secure, robust, and holistic ecosystem that investors can utilize from exit interset to sale. Through EXtrance, you’ll have peace of mind that your information and transactions are secure.

Our Story

William Lively founded EXtrance in 2020. After discovering the many shortfalls and obstacles of limited partnerships, Lively saw the need for a product more tailored to smaller institutions and LPs.  He realized that this under-represented group could utilize and thrive with the most advanced real-estate total management technology.

Lively began his career at an investment firm, DCI Capital Advisors, one of the first blockchain investment firms in the U.S. In late 2017, he left that firm to co-found a financial services technology firm, SyndEX Labs, that focused on institutional, global commercial real estate. He grew that company from a garage “startup” into a 25mm company as its CEO and chairman for three years. It was there that he oversaw the building of the first blockchain-based CRE investor ecosystems that provided divestment services for large family offices, built and managed a strategic partnership with IBM and Americas Group. 

Lively also developed SEC-compliant protocols working hand-in-hand with legal counsel and select broker-dealers. He raised millions of dollars in equity financing for the company and secured over 1.1 BB in asset commitments. Mr. Lively resigned from day to day management of the company in May of 2020 to focus on EXtrance. However, he still remains a significant stockholder and activist for SyndEX Labs.